Intellectual Property, Trade Secrets and Technology Transactions

Ms. Murray-Bonton began her legal career with one of the Nation’s top 5 law firms focusing exclusively on technology and transactions.  During this time, Ms. Murray-Bonton worked alongside some of the nations most brilliant minds and capable attorneys.  Ms. Murray-Bonton then gained further experience and expertise by working  with BMG/Sony, McKesson Provider Technologies and EarthLink, Inc. 

Accordingly, she secures and protects intellectual property rights for her clients including trademarks, design marks, logos and copyrights.  We apply for and advocate on our client’s behalf with the USPTO and US Copyright Office.  We will also tailor internal policies to secure as well as protect trade secret protection for our clients’ business know how, customer lists and other  competitive materials/information that cannot be protected by copyright, trademark or patent laws. 

In addition, Ms. Murray-Bonton handles a wide range of technology and intellectual property transactions that cross over industries.  Specifically, we draft and negotiate  development agreement, license agreements, co-promotion and co-branding agreements, technology transfer agreements, internet and e-commerce agreement as well as trademark co-existence agreements and copyright derivative work agreements. 

Finally, Ms. Murray-Bonton has hands on experience with litigating intellectual property and technology matters.  Over the past 13 years, she has either worked on  or served as lead counsel on patent, trademark and copyright infringement actions, non-payment of royalties as well as non-attribution of authorship or contribution civil actions.   Ms. Murray-Bonton has utilized both federal and state statutory law as well as state common case law to protect her clients’ creative works and goodwill.

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