Ms. Murray-Bonton has successfully litigated or settled the following matters for her clients:

WillowTrace HOA v. Morris Ottinot, 2011-C-08815, Gwinnett County State Court.
Represented clients in conneciton with investment properties located in Gwinnett County.  After submitting a brief in defense to summary judgment, negotiated a final settlement for a reduced dollar amount and release of liability effective as of May 1, 2012.

Wireless Universe, Inc. v. Dunbar Armored Car Services
Our client, Wireless Universe,  disputed the nature of services requested and promised by Dunbar for retail stores in Georgia and in New York state.  Based on a failure to perform, Ms. Murray-Bonton successfully negotiated an early termination of the agreement without damages,  a cancellation of an outstanding invoice for $25,000.00 as well as the payment of her attorney fees by Dunbar Armored. 

Equity One v Wireless Universe, Inc. , 2011-A-00739-9, Gwinnett County. We successfully argued against a Motion for Summary Judgment in State court and also sucessfully argued our Motion to Transfer the case to Superior court.  Ms. Muray-Bonton subsequently negotiated a full and final settlement agreement that included release fom he underlying lease.

Joel Shattles v. GAWT Motors, Inc.,2010-M-35381, Gwinnett County Magistrate Court.
The law office drafted and filed a civil action to address faulty repairs perfomed on our client's RV. After obtaining witness testimony, Ms. Murray-Bonton negotiated a full and final settlement with oppossing counsel that included reimbursing our client for all of his repair expenses.

Wright v.  MCC, Inc. and M. Martin, 2008-CV-152900, Fulton County Superior Court
Ms. Murray-Bonton filed a construction defect and breach of contract action on behalf of the Wrights.  After extensive discovery, depositions and the collection of expert witness testimony, Ms. Murray-Bonton negotiated through mediation a full and final settlement that included the Wrights being released from a $80,000.00 invoice and mechanics lien of equal lien. 

Wireless Universe, Inc. v.  VIF II/Lakeside, LLC., 2010-CV-8590-7, Dekalb County Superior Court
The Law Office drafted and filed a civil complaint on behalf of our client Wireless Universe and sucessfully obtained a release from the binding commercial lease agreement for a nominal lump sum payment. 

AmeriCredit v. Miller, 2010-C-06041-S1, Gwinnett County State Court
Ms. Murray-Bonton successfully defended against a Complaint for breach of Forbearance Agreement and  Motion for Summary Judgment filed by AmeriCredit against her clients.  She then negotiated a reinstatement of the forbearance agreement at the initially negotiated lower settlement amount of $7,000.00 and avoided money judgment against my client.

Theresa Moore v.  Lisa Moore, 2007-C-11012-S5, Gwinnett County Superior Court
Lisa Moore v. Gordon Moore, 2008-cv-3781-1, Walton County Superior Court
Our client came to us initially to defend against  a complaint for breach of a promissory note in the amount of $80,000.00 plus interest.  Ms. Murray-Bonton first negotiated a consent order in which our client assumed 50% of the Note amount  without  accrued interest.  Ms. Murray-Bonton then completed a bench trial in which she successfully argued that the husband should assume a greater portion of the Note balance.  Upon presenting persuasive evidence and effectively cross examining the defendant, Ms. Murray-Bonton secured a final order directing the husband to assume an additional 25% of the Note amount. 

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